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Gigantic Geta(clog)/日本一の杉下駄

This is a gigantic cedar clog/ sandal called "Geta" in Japanese.The height is 4.15 m, while the width is 2.1 m.It w...

Superstition no.2-Broken mirror…/迷信2: 鏡が割れると…。

日本語は英語の後にあります。 This is the second in the superstition series.According to the western superstition, it's said th...
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Tour Report -April No.3-/ツアーレポート4月No.3

This will be the last tour report because the cherry blossom season is over and I will continuously bring my guests to ...
Jennifer's favorite hotels

Nikko Kanaya Hotel Jennifer‘s favorite hotels in Japan Series No.1/日光金谷ホテルジェニファーのお気に入りホテルシリーズ その1

Today, I am going to introduce one of the most famous and classic hotels in Japan.That is Nikko Kanaya Hotel, in To...
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Tour Report -April No.2-/ツアーレポート4月No.2

April 10 Tokyo Tower/東京タワー April 11 Mt. Fuji-It was the first time to access the fifth station this year./...
Buddhism and Zen painting

The wheel of life/輪廻

Claiming many children's lives or worlds for some people's greed is not allowed.Apairofprayinghands Translator: ...
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Tour Report -April No.1-/ツアーレポート4月No.1

How was the Tour report-March-?I hope that everyone enjoys feeling like traveling with me.This time, I would like to sh...
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Tour Report -March-/ツアーレポート3月

I'm very happy to share my tour experiences with my lovely readers. March 19 Osaka castle (Cherry blossom has b...
Buddhism and Zen painting

India ink painting/水墨画

India ink painting is the painting that is skillfully drawn using India ink and water, which means it’s drawn not o...