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Kilometer zero-All roads in Japan lead to Nihon…/全ての道は◯◯に通ず

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Kilometer Zero located in the center of road on the bridge/日本橋の道路の真ん中にある道路元標

Have you ever seen signs on the road that say “100km to Tokyo”.
Where in Tokyo does it exactly refer to?
In other words, where is Kilometer zero in Japan located?

That’s Nihonbashi which literally means Japan bridge.

The original one made of wood was built in 1601.
Next year, five major ways were developed starting from Nihonbashi.
Here is the miniature model of Nihonbashi displayed in the Edo Tokyo Museum before(See the photo below).
It showed that how Nihonbashi was busy around that time.

The current one was built in 1911.
At the majestic ends of the bridge, two formidable pairs of lion statues stand guard, their proud gazes surveying the passage with an unwavering intensity(See the photo below).

Adding to the enchantment of the bridge, you will discover four beautiful qilin statues(See the photo below).
But what makes these qilins exceptional is their graceful wings that enhance their magnificent forms.

As you can see, a highway passes above this bridge.
The highway was constructed in 1963 before the Tokyo Olympics was held.
Actually, there was a plan that the highway should be constructed under the bridge.
However, it was canceled due to the disaster prevention.

The project of replacing the highway with the one under the bridge has been going on.
It seems to take 10 to 20 years.
We’re looking forward to seeing the new atmosphere of Kilometer zero in Japan.

Do you know any special story about Kilometer zero in your country?
We’d love to know them!
Comment below! 

【Translation for language learners of either English or Japanese】/英語・日本語学習者向け翻訳 えいご ・  にほんごがくしゅうしゃむ  ほんやく










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