Belief in Dragon Deity/龍神信仰

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Light shaped with dragon at Uto Shrine/鵜戸神社の光の龍神様

This year is the year of the dragon.
There are a lot of shrines throughout Japan that enshrine the dragon deity.

Unlike western dragons which are recognized as evil creatures, eastern dragons are worshiped as the deities who control water and convey human beings’ wishes toward the heaven.
Belief in dragon deity is natural because water is essential for not only farming but also living.

A dragon with a ball is known as the dragon deity who is going to the heaven in order to convey the message(See the photo above).
On the other hand, a dragon with empty hand is considered as the dragon deity who finished its mission (has already conveyed the message).

Uto shrine in Miyazaki located next to the Oomi shrine is known as the place where a unique dragon can be seen.
If you stand in a certain position under the sunshine, the light shaped with dragon will appear between the rocks.
(Visit the link to see a better photo of light dragon)

How about looking for dragon deities in Japan by visiting shrines and temples?
We are looking forward to see the photos that you will post here.

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