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The best hospitality at GINZA KYUBEY-Sushi Restaurant/銀座久兵衛のおもてなし

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For some Japanese people, GINZA KYUBEY is a well-known sushi restaurant which offers the best hospitality. 

KYUBEY is also known as a creator of Gunkan-maki.
Gunkan-maki is a type of sushi that is oval-shaped wrapped with a strip of dried seaweed topped with salmon roe or sea urchin.
Gunkan means a warship in Japanese, while maki means wrapping.
The term “Gunkan-maki” would come from how it looks.

The chefs and the servers in KYUBEY pay careful attention to their customers. It is really amazing.
The 7 ways how the staffs take care of their customers are as follows:

  1.  The sushi chefs demonstrate their performances in front of the customers.
    The chef’s counter and the customer’s table are built in a way where the customers could see the chef’s performances closely.
    The chefs have their own knives and maintain them on their own.
    The chefs are proud of their own knives.
    Some chefs choose the knives depending on the mood.
  2.  The sushi chefs entertain the customers by engaging in a conversation.
    In general, the chef will debut after 10 years of training.
    However, they will not be allowed to perform if they are skillful but shy.
  3.  The sushi chefs ask the customers’ preferences before they start serving.
    If they have some fish that a customer can not eat, they could replace them with a different fish or vegetable.
  4.  The sushi chefs ask the customers the amount of rice and adjust its size for each customer.
  5.  The sushi chefs keep the sushi rice fresh and warm.
    The typical sushi rice at home is made by mixing vinegar, salt and sugar.
    However, sushi rice at KYUBEY is made by mixing vinegar and salt.
    Actually, this way is the traditional and authentic way of sushi rice.
    Sugar is added in order to keep the rice longer and make it look good.
    So, the timing of serving is important.
    In general, the rice container is placed next to the chef.
    In the case of Kaitenzushi or conveyor-belt sushi restaurant, it has enough rice to serve for hours.
    But in KYUBEY, the small rice container is placed next to the chef and refilled several times while one person finishes eating.
    It’s an amazing effort.
    The best appreciation for this effort is to eat it as soon as the sushi is served in front of you.
    Another purpose to prepare small portions is to serve sushi rice while it is still warm.
    Since sushi rice is warm, sliced fish placed on the rice becomes a bit warm. It’s a luxurious way of eating sushi.
    A person said that the taste of sushi eating at the counter was totally different than eating at the table.
  6.  The sushi chefs flip over Wasabi or Japanese horse-radish on a saucer just before it’s used.
    The purpose is to protect it from dust.
  7.  The server refills the tea mug so that the tea is always kept warm and the container is full.
    She always checks the amount of the customers’ tea.
    Once she finds the tea level is low or tea becomes cold, she refills or replaces the tea.
    When she stretches her arm to the Japanese-style mug, her movement is natural and smart.
    She does this so that she does not to disturb the customers’ dining at all.

Let’s see three performances. 

  1. Making standard sushi
  2. Making Tekka-maki or Tuna roll
  3. Making Raw shrimps sushi

FYI, all the plates were made by Rosanjin who was a famous potter, artist, calligrapher, cook, gourmet, and so on.

I hope you could get a clear image of the authentic sushi restaurant.

Would you like to try eating sushi at the counter table?
We suggest that you should make a reservation in advance and tell your preferences and allergies if you have.

In your first experience of eating sushi, going to Kaitenzushi is fine.
The price is rather reasonable and you could choose different types of sushi on the conveyor belt.
However, sushi served in some Kaitenzushi in the city are a bit smelly.
Kaitenzushi near the fish production areas offer fresh fish at reasonable prices though.
So, for a precious and satisfactory experience, I would recommend eating sushi at GINZA KYUBEY.

【Translation for language learners of either English or Japanese】/英語・日本語学習者向け翻訳 えいご ・  にほんごがくしゅうしゃむ  ほんやく


Gunkanとは日本語で、軍艦を意味し、maki は巻くことを意味します。


  1.  板前さんは、お客さんの前でお寿司を握る実演を魅せます。
  2.  板前さんは、会話でお客さんを楽しませます。
  3.  食事が始まる前に、お客さんの好みを板前さんが聞いてくれます。
  4.  板前さんは、その都度シャリの量を聞いてくれ、お客さん毎に調整しています。
  5.  板前さんは、すし飯の鮮度と温かさに気を配っています。
  6.  板前さんは、山葵の入った小皿を埃が入らないように伏せておき、使う直前にひっくり返しています。
  7.  お給仕さんは、常にお客さんのお茶の量に気を配り、お茶がいつも温かくて適量入っているように注いでくれます。


  1. 握り寿司
  2. 鉄火巻き
  3. 生海老







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