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Exploring Mars?/火星探検?

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Have you ever dreamed of traveling to the outer space?

If your answer is “yes”, why don’t you go to Mt. Aso (Nakadake Crater)in Kumamoto prefecture.
You would feel like having travelled to Mars (see the photo above).

Mt. Aso belongs to Aso-Kujyu National Park.
It is an active volcano.
The oldest record of its eruption was 553 A.D.

Mt. Aso stretches about 25 kilometers from north to south and around 18 kilometers from east to west.
It consists of five mountains, such as Taka-dake (1,592 m), Naka-dake (1,506m), Neko-dake (1,433 m), Eboshi-dake (1,337 m) and Kishimadake (1,326 m).

All these photos were taken at Naka-dake.

Since it’s an active volcano, the accessible areas will be changed depending on the volcanic activity.
We suggest that you should check its information in advance.
When you are on site, you should be aware of the  warning sign of the harmful gas (See the photo below). It’s placed near the Crater.

I hope you would enjoy traveling to a kind of Mars without an oxygen mask!
Are you excited to go there?

【Translation for language learners of either English or Japanese/英語・日本語学習者向け翻訳 えいご ・  にほんごがくしゅうしゃむ  ほんやく】

宇宙旅行を夢見うちゅうりょこう  ゆめみたことはありますか?



阿蘇山は、南北 約25km, 東西約18 km に渡ります。
阿蘇山は高岳(1,592 m), 中岳 (1,506m), 根子岳 (1,433 m), 烏帽子岳 (1,337 m) and 杵島岳 (1,326 m)の5つの山々から構成されています。






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