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Parking system/駐車場システム

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The photo above is one of the parking systems in Japan.
Generally, it’s installed in smaller spaces.
After a car is parked passing over the flap, the flap will go up to lock the car.
When the user pays the parking fee at the machine, the flap is released so that the car can move out.

On the other hand, a parking ticket system is common for multistory car parks or larger parking spaces for amusement parks and shopping centers in the cities.
When a car approaches the parking area, there is a boom barrier and a machine that issues a parking ticket. 
When a user receives the parking ticket, the bar goes up to allow the car to enter the parking lot.
When the user goes out of the parking lot, he or she needs to pay the parking fee so that another bar will go up to allow the car to go out.
Although you can sometimes pay the fee in advance, the car has to stop in front of the bar at the boom barrier.

Nowadays, there is the new systems without boom barriers and flaps.
Some may hesitate to visit these facilities due to the complicated systems or annoying during the bad weather like heavy rain.
There is no specific gate.
Instead, there is a security camera that can monitor the number plate of the car passing by.
Before you get on the car, car number is required to pay the parking fee at the machine or the app. 
When you can go out the parking, the number plate of your car is monitored even though there is no gate.
Since these data will be shared with the system, if you forget to pay the parking fee, it will be add at the next parking opportunity.

It sounds convenient, doesn’t it?
How about your countries’ parking system?

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