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Highway passes through a building?/高速道路がビル貫通!

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Umeda exit in Osaka is a funny highway exit because it passes through the building called Gate Tower Building.
Here is the video. You can experience how it goes.

Highway passes through a building?/高速道路がビルを貫通?

History behind

Roughly 30 years ago, the owner of the previous building planed to rebuild its old building. 
But the government didn’t allow him to rebuild it because a high way construction was planed at the same place. 
The owner and the government discussed that more than five years. 
No one compromised. 
Finally in 1989, they agreed with today’s style that the high way passes through the building. 
Three years later, the building and the high way were completed.


Since the high way and the building are completely separated, 
the renovation for the building would not influence the highway. 
On the building signs, the floors from 5th to 7th are rented by a high way company. 
The building has 16 floors which are for rental offices or meeting space. 
Since the building is well soundproofed,  the rooms seem to be quiet and comfortable.

If you would like to take the photos of the highway, you may visit at Kuchu Teien Observatory of the Umeda Sky building (you can see it in the last frame of the video above/No.2 in the map).



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