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Are You a Ramen person or a Tsuke-men person?/ラーメン派?つけ麺派?

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Many foreign people may already know that a ramen is one of the famous Japanese foods.

For the people who don’t know the ramen a lot, here is the information about ramen.
People who know ramen well can skip the information and proceed there.

Ramen has three different broth such as pork, chicken and seafood(bonito flakes or other fish flakes).

And the typical ramen flavours are salt, soy sauce and miso (fermented soy bean paste).
One unique flavour is citrus .

Left photo: Citrus flavour/Right one: Miso-Tonkotsu (pork broth)

Common toppings are a half boiled egg(Ni-tamago), sliced stewed pork seasoned with soy source(Chaashuu), sliced leak(Negi) and seasoned bamboo shoots(Menma).

There are a variety of ramens.

There are two types of ramen noodles, straight noodle and wave noodle, straight noodle and wave noodle.

And then, ramen noodles have 6 different thickness such as extreme thick (Gokubuto-men), thick (Futo-men), standard thick(Chuu-buto-men), standard thin (Chuu-boso-men), thin (Hoso-men) and extreme thin (Goku-boso-men).

The customer can choose the soup type and add some toppings, while the type of ramen noodles is usually decided by the chef.
Because the chef knows what kind of ramen noodles is best matched with the soup.

By the way, have you heard of “Tsuke-men”?

Tsuke-men is another type of ramen wherein the soup and noodles are served separately.

Tsuke-men soup is richer than ramen soup.
Tsuke-men noodles are thicker than ramen noodles.
These noodles can be eaten after dipping them into the soup, so that you can enjoy its texture.

What about Tsuke-men soup type and toppings?
These are almost the same as ramen ones.

The only difference is that Tsuk-men has richer soup and thicker noodles.
So, usually when you finish eating Tsuke-men noodle, another broth is served.
The soup is diluted with the broth and can be sipped.
That’s why when you eat Tsuke-men, you can experience two different tastes.
It makes a customer feel a bit lucky.

When it comes to ramen soup, it’s up to you whether you would like to finish the soup or not.
Some doctors say that ramen soup is a bit salty so it is not recommended to finish up the all soup especially people who suffer from high-blood pressure.

Which would you like to try? Ramen or Tsuke-men?
What kind of soup would you like to try? 



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    I would like to try both.