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Tap (Water) Orange Juice!

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This is how it works. You can find this on the 1st floor of the Ehime Tourist Product Center.

Imagine you are walking down the street on a hot summer day…suddenly you come across a tap that gives orange juice instead of water.
What would you do?
It must be exciting even for an adult, how much more to a child?

There’s an urban legend that the people of Ehime prefecture were able to drink orange juice from their taps at homes or schools.
It’s because Ehime prefecture is famous for being the biggest mandarin orange producer in Japan.

This fantastic idea came true in 2007.
Currently, there are three places in Ehime prefecture and one near Tokyo station where people can experience this.

Ehime prefecture(1 to 3) and Tokyo (4)

  1.  Matsuyama airport
  2.  the Ehime Tourist Product Center(Smiley Ehime Official Souvenir Shop)
  4.  SHIN・EHIME-it’s located at KITTE MARUNOUCHI 2nd floor. It’s available only during the weekend.

You may try fantastic experience here in Tokyo or Ehime prefecture!



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We're happy if you follow us. We'll inform our webpage's update through SNS!
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