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Drift Ice/流氷

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Drift Ice from Garinko, in Monbetsu city, Hokkaido, on March 9 of 2015

According to the announcement from Japan Meteorological Agency, drift ice could be seen with the naked eye from Abashiri city in Hokkaido on February 2, which was the fifth latest in the record.
In addition, drift ice reached Shiretoko peninsula on the same day. 

Both Abashiri city and Monbetsu city are famous for ice breaking ships, namaed Aurora and Garinko, respectively. 
On the other hand, Shiretoko area is popular for walking tour on drift ice wearing dry suit.

Ice Breaking Ship “Garinko”

I’ll share my experience when I went to Monbetsu and rode on Garinko ice breaking ship on March 9, 2015.
Since the season to see drift ice is usually from the beginning of February to the beginning of March, the time when I went there might be almost the end of the season.
The winter of 2015 was a warm winter so drift ice was small and floated far offshore.

The drill or screw of Garinko

Since the ship has a drill or screw, it could crush drift ice and go forward.
I was excited to hear its sound and feel its movements while going across the crashed drift ice. 

Garinko is moving through the drift ice.

Of course, I could see drift ice closely and take a lot of photos.
It was freezing cold, so I suggest that you should bundle up yourself in warm clothes.

I wore a motorcycle jacket to keep myself warm.

I hope you will enjoy wonderful experiences that you could only do during this period of time. 

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