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FAM (Familiarization) Trip that I guided was broadcasted in November of 2022./2022年霜月にご案内したツアーがTV報道されました

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The number of the foreign tourists who visited Japan has been increasing since last autumn, long after the pandemic of COVID-19.

I had the honor of being invited as a licensed guide by the tourism department of local governments.
They conducted familiarization trip for foreign tour agents last November.
The guests seemed to have enjoyed visiting many magnificent tourist destinations and eating local specialities.
I hope they will make a lot of itineraries  to visit Japan in the near future.

Thankfully, I have received a lot of tour assignments this coming spring.
I wish I could bring you all with me but since it’s impossible, I’ll just show you our beautiful and fascinating country, Japan through my blogs.

【Translation for language learners of either English or Japanese】/英語・日本語学習者向け翻訳 えいご ・  にほんごがくしゅうしゃむ  ほんやく






Good day, I am the founder of Aurora Trip Nippon. Also, I am a Certified National Guide, Certified Tour Conductor, Certified General Travel Service Supervisor, as well as a Kimono Consultant.
I love Japan. So, you could ask us anything about Japan.

We're happy if you follow us. We'll inform our webpage's update through SNS!
We're happy if you follow us. We'll inform our webpage's update through SNS!
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