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Tour Report -April No.1-/ツアーレポート4月No.1

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How was the Tour report-March-?
I hope that everyone enjoys feeling like traveling with me.
This time, I would like to share my tour highlight from April 1 to April 6.

April 1 Tokyo Metropolis

Sumida river cruising/隅田川クルーズ
Tokyo city view
Rainbow Bridge/レインボーブリッジ

April 2 Kyoto Prefecture

Path of Philosophy/哲学の道

Kyoto Tower/京都タワー

April 3 Kyoto Prefecture

The fresh green at Kiyomizu Temple/清水寺の新緑
Kodaiji temple/高台寺の桜
Purple Azalea/紫ツツジ@嵐山

April 4 Nara Prefecture&Fukui Prefecture

The Great Statue of Buddha at Todaiji Temple in Nara/東大寺の盧舎那仏@奈良

Tojinbo Cliffs in Fukui prefecture/東尋坊@福井県

April 5 Ishikawa Prefecture

Kenrokuen Garden in Ishikawa prefecture/兼六園@石川県



Samurai House Nomura-ke in Kanazawa/野村武家屋敷@金沢市

Higashi Chaya, or the Geisha District in Kanazawa/ひがし茶屋街@金沢
Tasty shrimp named “Gasu”/ガス海老
Sea urchin/雲丹

April 6 Gifu Prefecture

Shirakawago village/白川郷
Irori fireplace/囲炉裏
Floats of Takayama Festival in Gifu prefecture/高山祭りの屋台@岐阜県



Good day, I am the founder of Aurora Trip Nippon. Also, I am a Certified National Guide, Certified Tour Conductor, Certified General Travel Service Supervisor, as well as a Kimono Consultant.
I love Japan. So, you could ask us anything about Japan.

We're happy if you follow us. We'll inform our webpage's update through SNS!
We're happy if you follow us. We'll inform our webpage's update through SNS!
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