Cherry blossom-Sakura/桜

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Sakura is the Japanese term of cherry blossom.
Sakura symbolizes Japan.
Sakura can be enjoyed starting February until the end of May depending on the area. 

The earliest bloom of sakura is called Kawazu-zakura located in Izu peninsula 120 kms southwest from Tokyo. 
It starts blooming from the early part of February through the early part of March. 
Kawazu-Zakura is characterized by its pinkish-red flowers and longer bloom life than the typical Sakura species, called Somei-yoshino. 


Somei-yoshino (see the first photo) is characterized by its pinkish white flowers and shorter bloom life. 
After a week of full bloom, the petals will start falling off.
Somei-yoshino blooms first in Kochi prefecture, southern part of Japan, around late March. 
And then, the blooming schedule, we call “Sakura front”, spreads from south to north. 
Finally in Hokkaido, the northern island of Japan, we can usually view the Sakura until the end of May. 

It’s difficult to plan traveling to Japan at perfect timing for cherry blossom.
So, if the cherry blossoms have not bloomed yet, you may go south or warmer places. On the other hand, if it’s a bit late to see them, you may go north or colder places like highlands. 

Cherry blossoms at Japan Mint

The Japan Mint in Osaka is famous for its various kinds of cherry blossoms. 
There are about 340 cherry blossom trees and 137 species including rare species.
80 percent of these are double-petalled.
The Sakura bloom extends up to 560 meters along the road. 
It forms an arch that makes the view of the road really awesome.

It takes 2 and a half hours from Tokyo station to Shin-Osaka station by bullet train and another 15 minutes to the nearest station by local train. And then you can walk 15 minutes to the destination. 
The even usually conduct around the second week of April after Somei-yoshino is almost gone around Tokyo and Osaka. 

Why do the Japanese love Sakura?

Most Japanese love Sakura, because Sakura signifies the start of spring after a long cold winter. 
Its beautiful soft pink color makes us happy and excited. 

Japanese outlook on life through Sakura

After cherry blossoms are in full bloom, their petals fall immediately. 
The life is really short. 
Some people feel the fragility of life through the cherry blossoms’ short but beautiful life. Others overlap their lives with the one of cherry blossoms in terms of a good achievement and retirement.

How do Japanese people enjoy sakura?

The Japanese enjoy having a drinking party under the cherry blossom trees with their family and co-workers.
Unfortunately, the entry of these areas is strictly limited due to the COVID-19 this year. 

A shower of cherry blossom is also beautiful.

Weeping cherry tree

As you can see, there are so many cherry blossoms in Japan when it comes to colors, petal types and branch types.

What color of the cherry blossoms do you like?
And which do you prefer, single petalled or double-petalled?



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