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Emperor’s Birthday/天皇誕生日-What’s TODAY?- no.3-

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Chrysanthemum with 16 petals is the Emperor’s family crest.

The Emperor’s birthday is one of our important national holidays.
Since Emperor Naruhito ascended to the throne as the 126th emperor on May 1st in 2019, the Emperor’s birthday has been changed to February 23rd. He is 61 years old.

Visit of the General public to the Palace for His Majesty’s birthday is a rare opportunity for everyone to celebrate his birthday and meet the Emperor and his royal family members. 
The New Year Greeting held on January 2nd is  another rare opportunity.
Unfortunately, both were canceled this year (2021).

There was a record that people celebrated the 49th Emperor Konin’s birthday with sake (rice wine) in 775 A.D.
Since then, Japanese people have celebrated the Emperor’s birthday.
Today, many people raise our national flag in front of their gate to celebrate it. Special ceremonies are held at shrines across the country.

Two former Emperor’s birthdays are still celebrated as national holidays.
For example, the 124th Emperor Hirohito’s birthday became Showa Day, while the 122nd Emperor Mutsuhito’s birthday became Culture Day.

We hope the General public congratulatory palace visits will be held next year.

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