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Culture Day/文化の日

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Do you know what kind of holiday that falls on November third?

According to the law, the national holiday denotes our love for freedom and peace as well as the progress in our culture.

It used to be celebrated as “Meiji Setsu”, the Emperor Mutsuhito’s birthday, until it was ended after the Greater East Asian War.

As you may know, Japanese people celebrate the Emperor’s birthday as the national holiday.
On this day, similar to the New Year’s day(January 2nd) when the general public can also send their congratulatory greetings by visiting the palace, everyone can also visit the palace to meet and greet the imperial family through a glass window by group as long as you wait in a queue. 

Isn’t it interesting that we had celebrated the birthday of Emperor Mutsuhito, who was the grandfather of the emperor in the Showa era(including the period during the Greater East Asian War)?
In fact, the Japanese people petitioned that November 3rd should become a national holiday.

Let’s see the story behind it.

When the 122nd Emperor Mutsuhito passed away on July 30th of 1912, November 3rd was the national holiday anymore.
Instead, July 30th became the new national holiday to respect and recognize the Emperor Mutsuhito’s virtue.
When the 123rd Emperor Yoshihito passed away on December 25th of 1926, July 30th was abolished as a national holiday anymore. 
Japanese people who adored Emperor Mutsuhito could not accept that there was no national holiday related to the emperor.
The petition that November 3rd should be added to the national holiday in commemoration Emperor Mutsuhito’s achievements spread across the country.  
Marshal-admiral Togo Heihachiro, a famous naval commander of Japanese-Russo War and contributed its victory, also added his signature to the petition.
Finally, November 3rd became the national holiday called “Meiji Setsu” on March 3rd of 1927. 

“Meiji Setsu” was set as the day when people commemorated the Emperor Mutsuhito’s virtue and looked back on Meiji era.
By the Japanese people’s enthusiastic request, Meiji shrine was built to console the spirit of Emperor Mutsuhito and Empress Shoken in 1920.
Around 100,000 trees across the country were donated and 700,000 square meter’s artificial forest were made in the Meiji shrine. 

We could imagine how strong the ties between the people and the Emperor were around that time.

November 3rd was the day when the Japanese Constitution was promulgated in 1946 under the US occupation. 
It was made by them in a little over a week.
Japanese people have followed it ever since.
On the other hand Germany and Italy who were also defeated like Japan changed their constitution many times.

We understand that the past generation were busy struggling to rebuilt their life and they have to time to be interested in the constitution.
So, it seems that the burden to discuss and decide whether we should keep using the said Japanese Constitution or if we should revise it lies in our generation.

It’s a kind of Japanese issue now.
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