Unique practice in riding an escalator/エスカレーターに乗るときの独特な習慣

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There’s a unique practice in riding an escalator.

We stand either on the right side or on the left side so that people who are in a hurry can pass through.

How do we know if we should be on the right side or left side of the escalator?
If you are not sure, you should observe others.

Basically, people in Tokyo stand at the right, while people in Osaka stand at the left side.

During the old days in Tokyo, Samurai had their swords on the left side of the waist.
So, they got used to keeping at the left side of the street.
On the other hand, Osaka was merchants’ city and they held abacuses with their right hand.
So, they’d like others to pass on the left side.
Do you agree with this theory?

The maintenance company of the escalators says that it’s better to use both sides, otherwise it will make its expected lifetime shorter.

How about your country’s situation about the escalators?
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【Translation for language learners of either English or Japanese】/英語・日本語学習者向け翻訳 えいご ・  にほんごがくしゅうしゃむ  ほんやく









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