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Emperor’s Birthday/天皇誕生日

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The view of a part of the Imperial Palace

Emperor Naruhito’s birthday falls on February 23rd, which is a national holiday in Japan.
Since he was born in 1960, he is turning 62 years old this year.

How long have we celebrated the Emperor’s Birthday?
The ceremony, used to be called Tencho Setsu, started in 775 A.D. during the period of the 49th Emperor Kounin. 
According to the historical papers, the subordinates celebrated it by presenting sake or rice wine to the emperor.

Today, the emperor attends four ceremonies including a congratulatory palace visit.
Other ceremonies are the parties with government officials and foreign ambassadors(around 500 people).
Shinto shrines across the country have special ceremonies.
On the other hand, the marine warships are decorated with the flag(full dress ship).

There are two national holidays that used to celebrate as Emperor’s Birthday.
These are Showa Day falls on April 29th as Emperor Akihito’s birthday and Culture Day falls November 3rd as Emperor Mutsuhito’s birthday.

Like the New Year’s congratulatory palace visit, we are supposed to meet Emperor Naruhito on that day.
However, due to the pandemic, all congratulatory palace visits, aside from the New Year’s one in 2020, were canceled after the new emperor ascended to the throne.

We hope we will celebrate his next birthday.

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